The truth behind my RA9262 case.

In as much as I want to keep my silence a lot of lies have been told and being retold. This time, let this writing be addressed to Pippa (for you should know the accounts of what happened while you witness everything but somehow cannot fathom exactly what was going on). I also address this to those who people who are being lied to by the father of Pippa. Let me recount anecdotally to give light what Jake has claimed and continue to lie upon and about.

1. His graceful exit to going boracay-the truth is he escaped to London. I used the word “escape” because he has a pending criminal case of RA9262 (do your research if you want to know more, Pero Kung chismis Lang Ang habol mo, do otherwise). Jake lobbies that I dropped the criminal case, let me tell you this- I DID NOT and WONT drop the case. I can’t give up what is due my daughter.
Sige, let’s say I dropped the case, what’s the need for Jake to escape like a fugitive? That even pippa’s so called “ninong” connived with his escape. You have abandoned your 3-yr old daughter, your conscience won’t hunt you because you have none. But Justice will run after you.
Let me share a glimpse of what has happened during the fiscal hearings- from 4-hours visitation rights to a weekend (every Saturday )that progressed to every Saturday and Monday to which you said no. Your reason? “What IF I have other things to do?”. A good father would adjust his schedule to be with her daughter.

2. We ended our relationship last August 2015, you said “you can’t turn your back on your family” when I ask you I’m willing to go back to angeles but not in your house. I didn’t ask you to turn your back on your family when it’s time for us to have our own. But then again this shows that you never and can ever give the family I long for. A house is not a home.
3. December 2015, after 3-months of hiatus you reached out, we went through a counseling session and came up with a compromised agreement – to move in your building. Your mom came home, you asked for us to stay in your house while your mom is around. I agreed without batting an eyelash because I also want Pippa to know and bond with her. The day your mom left she said “nag decide Kami ng mga Tita Nya at ni Jake Na huwag Na Kayo lumipat sa building. Kung ayaw mo lumipat Kayo ng apartment yung malayo.” I replied, “pagusapan muna namin ni Jake.” Their decision that greatly affects our family was made without me in the conversation. Poor me, I was asleep and tired from graveyard shift. So, our compromised agreement was thrown out the window. But then I stayed in your house for 5-months, why? I had to sulk it all up. Only to find out that Jake you are planning to get pippa’s loyalty so that when she turns 7yrs old you will file for full custody and since youve been petting and spoiling Pippa you thought Pippa would go with you. How can you treat your daughter like a pet. This made me decide to finally leave you and everything that there is in your house.
4. June 2016 I left your house with Pippa.The most challenging times of my existence. We left your house and you didn’t look for us. Never mind looking for me but a good father would look for his daughter, but you did not. So,please,stop the feeling that you were betrayed when I stayed with your friend’s house.The least you could have done was to thank them. But you didn’t. You didn’t own the problem, all you felt was that your “ego” was hit big time. Bigger than what you think. I personally ask them not to tell you yet because I’m trying to protect you (you may not appreciate it, what’s new?). When I had nothing even anger they were the ones who chose to listen. On the other hand there is also someone who took advantage of my situation and created himself the biggest ass licker of jake.
5. Be it known that Since June 2016, Jake has not been giving support for Pippa. A demand letter was sent that led to filing a criminal case RA9262 to which he ignored, abandoned and escaped from.
This case is not about me, this is all for Pippa. There’s no Jake and I anymore. Pippa doesn’t need Jake yesterday, she needs her today and tomorrow but she was abandoned and lied to.

6. For once let me put this on the table, when Jake and I were trying to work things out, all I asked is for us to have our own space, live Away from the influences of people around us. You wouldn’t believe what he said ” I can’t”. To a lot of people he is “the boy London”, he’s being addressed like a king “sir Jake”, to his so called “friends” “bossing Jake”. But at the end of the day what is he as father? As a provider? Ask yourself. Ask him again.
7. You may continue to hide under the skirt of whoever you want to keep yourself in. You can rant, monger rumors about me and continue playing the pitiful one in this saga but time will come that you have to face the truth, she is Pippa.


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